A close up of our beautiful aloe cosmo.

Aloe Aristata Cosmo (Green Pearl)

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The Aloe Cosmo is a lovely succulent that will compliment anywhere it is placed. It is a slow grower which means it's perfect for an office or bedroom as it is low maintenance doesn't take up much room.

Interesting Facts: 

They produce red flowers on a stem throughout the year.

An amazing air purifier, so perfect for bedrooms and offices. 

Care and tips:

🌞 = Prefers bright light but will also tolerate lower light rooms. 

💧= Allow soil to completely dry between waters, then water and be sure to drain any excess water left as this will create a root rot problem.

🐶🐱👶= Poisonous if eaten, so keep away from tiny humans and furry creatures. Tortoise safe in small amounts as with all succulents can have a laxative effect!


Easy to propagate, twist a leaf near the base of the plant and leave on sand or well-draining soil then leave until roots and a little "pup" appears. When the original leaf dries up, it can be repotted. 

Things to look out for:

Overwatering: succulents, in general, are very prone to overwatering as they store a lot of their water in their leaves, don't allow to sit in water or this can cause root rot which could cause the stems and leaves to have a mushy appearance and die.

Underwatering: If underwatered, the leaves and stems can look empty and shrivelled/dried up.

Other common names for this plant:

- Gasteraloe Cosmo