Ficus Ginseng
Ficus Ginseng
Ficus Ginseng
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Ficus Ginseng

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Ficus (fick-us) Ginseng (GIN-Seng) is a beautiful miniature tree that is a lot easier to care for than a traditional Bonsai. It was first discovered in South East Asia. 

This plant is perfect for anyone who wants to try a Bonsai plant for the first time or someone with a busy life.

Up to 30cm in height and comes in an 11cm pot.

Interesting Facts: 

Just like a Bonsai Tree, this plant can be shaped and pruned to make it truly your own.

The name ‘Ginseng’ actually relates to the houseplant’s shape. Ginseng is a Chinese word for roots.

Rotate the pot to make your Ficus Ginseng grow in a certain direction, keep rotating if you want it to grow straight up. 

Care and tips:

🌞 = Prefers indirect sunlight but will also tolerate brightly lit rooms such as conservatories or windowsills. Just be careful of leaves burning and roots drying out too much.

💧= Allow soil to completely dry between waters, then water and be sure to drain any excess water left as this will create a root rot problem. Loves a mist during warmer days.

🐶🐱👶= Not known to be toxic, but we recommend keeping out of reach of tiny humans and furry creatures, just in case! 


Easy to propagate, take a stem cutting with leaves attached and either place in water until roots appear or place straight into soil to root and regrow. 

Things to look out for:

Overwatering: stems and leaves can have a mushy appearance and die.

Underwatering: If underwatered, the leaves and stems can look empty and shrivelled/dried up. Excessive leaf drop is another potential indicator

Other common names for this plant:

- Pot Belly Fig
- Laurel Fig
- Laurel Rubber
- Curtain Fig
- Strangling Fig

*Tiny Disclaimer*

Like humans, plants come in all shapes and sizes; but are all beautiful in their own way, therefore the actual plant you receive may differ from the pictures shown, but we always make sure it's of the best quality and of the sizes specified.

We will only send plants that we would buy ourselves.

*Ceramic pot not included